Free: After the Show

“After the Show”
By Mychael Black


“Don’t move or it’ll be crooked.”

Chaz hissed and gripped the leather arms of the chair tighter. “Hurry the fuck up, will ya? It fucking hurts.”

“Oh, shut up, you pussy.”

“Fuck you,” he grumbled, gritting his teeth while the needle rapidly poked holes in his skin.

“Sorry,” Brad muttered with looking up, “you’re not my type.”

“No shit–fuck!” His head slammed back against the chair when Brad hit a sensitive spot.

“There. Done.” The needle was set aside and Brad cleaned the new tat gently. “Though it’s certainly not what I would get, it suits you.”

Grinning despite wanting to knock his best friend’s head off, Chaz looked down. Daffy Duck scowled at him upside down. “Cool.”

“You’re weird.”

Chaz glanced up at Brad, one eyebrow raised, and smirked. “Yet you still hang out with me.”

“You’re still fucking weird.” Brad swatted him on the head and tossed Chaz’s shorts at him. “Welcome to the world of the decorated.”

“I am decorated,” Chaz countered as he stood. He pulled his shorts back up, taking care not to bump his left thigh.

Brad shook his head. “No. We are not going there again. I’m not a piercer; I only care about ink. Rings in your dick don’t count.”

“Not in my dick.” Chaz leaned forward and stole a quick kiss before Brad could smack him. “It’s behind my balls,” he whispered.

Shuddering slightly, Brad stepped back. “Ouch. Just…” He grabbed his crotch and squeezed his eyes shut. “Ouch.” Brad led the way back to the front. “I know why you got Daffy, but why on your thigh?” he asked as he leaned on the counter.

Chaz tugged his wallet out and counted out the money for the tat. “Well, what better way to start a conversation when a guy’s face is buried in my pubes?”

Brad’s head hit the countertop with a loud thunk. “Out,” he muttered, hand slapping the counter until he got the bills out of Chaz’s hand. “I get off at six.”

“My place or yours?”

Lifting his head, Brad grimaced. “Mine. Don’t feel like tripping over cables and drum parts all night.”

“Gotcha.” Chaz dug his keys out of his pocket and started toward the door. “See ya at six-thirty.”

“Later, man.”

Chaz stopped for a second to look through the flash on the wall, then turned to head out the door, running headlong into someone just coming in. Mouth opening on an apology, he looked up–and up–gaze traveling slowly along a broad chest, to lickable lips, and finally to rest on the most expressive brown eyes he’d ever seen.

“Uh…” He swallowed and licked his lips slightly. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

The man smiled. “No problem. I was just coming in to find the owner of the black Camaro. The lights are on.”

“Oh. Uh, thanks.” Chaz managed a smile in return and glanced over at Brad who was standing at the counter and snickering softly. Chaz glared at him and looked back at the gorgeous piece of work standing only a foot away. Those dark eyes were staring at him.

“You’re welcome.” A hand was offered and Chaz tentatively shook it. “Devin Sharpe.”

Chaz nodded and forced his brain to catch up with everything else. “Um, Chaz.” He shook his head when Devin’s brows went up. “It’s a nickname. My real name’s Anthony Hewitt.”

“Nice to meet you.” Devin still had hold of Chaz’s hand. “That your car, I take it?”

“Yeah.” Leaning slightly to the side when Devin let go of his hand, Chaz peered out the front window of the shop, wincing at the pouring rain. “Glad I left the t-tops on.”

“Look, I was heading into the coffee shop a few doors down. You want to join me, wait for the rain to let up?”

Chaz blinked back up and couldn’t stop the grin. “Sure. Hey, Brad…”

“Go. Now. I’ll call you later.”

“Cool. Let’s go.” Still grinning, Chaz left the shop first, confident the hunk was following behind him. In fact, he hoped the man was getting a good, long look. Unless his gaydar was on the fritz, they were batting for the same team.

Gay-owned and operated, The Creamery was one of the best coffeehouses in the city. The name of the place was as infamous as the triple-shot espresso Gary Douglas served up to brave customers. Gary’s partner Cliff ran the back, leaving Gary–in all his chatty charm–to play host up front. The décor was cozy and laid back, very bohemian. In addition to the usual tables and chairs, there were low coffee tables and pillows piled throughout the spacious room. A few couches lined the walls as well, and the guys had even set up a little stage where they hosted such things as open-mic night, karaoke, poetry readings, and live music.

“What would you like?” Devin asked as the door closed behind them.

“Single-shot, with just a little foam.”

“How about you find us a place to sit and I’ll get the drinks?”

“’Kay.” Chaz started to pull his wallet out, but Devin’s hand on his stopped him.

“My treat.”

Oh, man. He could get lost in those eyes, that smile. Shaking himself slightly, Chaz nodded. “Thanks.”

“My pleasure.”

Watching Devin’s ass as the man walked to the counter, Chaz couldn’t help but hope it’d be his pleasure, too.

Chaz spotted a pile of pillows in one corner and made a beeline for it. It didn’t have a great view of the stage, but then, if he played his cards right, he’d be too occupied to care. He dropped down onto a dark blue velvet body pillow just as Devin walked up with their espressos.

“Good choice.” Devin smiled and handed Chaz a cup. Then he sat down, a little closer than a straight man would have. “So,” Devin said, taking a sip, “what do you do for fun?”

Chaz shrugged. “Bug Brad, hang out here, play in a band…”

“A band? What kind of music?”

“Alternative metal. Think: Tool, but a little faster.”

“Cool. You the frontman? You definitely have the voice for it, not to mention the looks.”

Chaz glanced at Devin. The man didn’t bat an eye, just gave Chaz a tell-tale smile. “Thanks, and I’m the drummer.”

Devin nodded, took another sip of his espresso, and stared at the stage where a few people were setting up for open-mic night. “Look, Chaz–I’m not the type to beat around the bush.”

Chaz smiled, set his cup on the small coffee table, took Devin’s cup and set it down as well. Then he twisted around to face Devin. “Good. Neither am I.”

He fully intended to make the first move, but he didn’t have the chance. Devin cupped the back of his head and kissed him. When Devin finally let him go, Chaz was breathless.

“My place is full of cables and drum parts.”

“Mine isn’t.”


Devin had a damn nice place. A loft downtown that probably cost more than a half a year’s worth of Chaz’s rent, it was immaculate and spotless. Chaz wanted to look around, but he didn’t get the chance. The second the door closed, Devin captured his lips. One of them groaned, but Chaz had no idea which of them did it. All he knew was that Devin propelled them backward into the living room.

Chaz‘s legs touched the edge of the couch. “Why me?”

“You’re unique.”

Chaz snorted but still let Devin bear him back onto the couch. “That’s the understatement of the century, dude.”


Devin’s tongue pushed into his mouth, stealing Chaz’s breath and his capacity for speech. All he could do was moan as he opened to the kiss. Fingers sliding through Devin’s neatly-cut hair, he sucked on the man’s tongue, grunting when that got him a hard thrust of Devin‘s hips. Fuck. They really needed to get naked. Like, now.

Devin slipped a hand between them and popped the button on Chaz’s jeans. “Skin.”

Chaz nodded and waited until Devin rose up to wiggle out of his jeans and underwear. He sat up and stripped off his shirt, then watched as Devin undressed. Dear God, the man was hot. Chiseled abs, muscled thighs, strong arms… and a long, hard cock, pearlescent drops at the tip. Chaz licked his lips, gaze riveted.

“Me first.” Devin’s voice drew Chaz’s attention away from the man’s cock and back up to his face. “Ever been rimmed?”

Chaz barely nodded before Devin knelt between his thighs and spread his legs. Chaz almost told him about his piercing, but then Devin’s fingers brushed the ring just behind Chaz’s balls and all thoughts scattered. Devin didn’t ask, didn’t even miss a beat. He just slid down, shoved Chaz’s legs to his chest, and…

“Oh, fuck!” Chaz’s eyes rolled back in his head and his hips jerked as Devin caught the ring with his tongue and pulled. Head tossing back and forth, it was all Chaz could do to keep from shooting right then and there.

Devin stopped the torture for a second, then one slick finger pushed into Chaz. He groaned and rocked, bearing down.

“More,” Chaz panted. “Fuck. More.”

“Hold on.”

Chaz shuddered and growled. “Fucking hurry, man. Gonna blow soon.”

Devin pulled away and rummaged in the coffee table drawer. Chaz heard the crinkle of a package, then the pop of a tube cap. “Not without me inside,” Devin answered, pushing two slick fingers deep inside Chaz.

Chaz would’ve come back with some smartassed remark, but right then, he was too busy trying not to come. Devin’s fingers worked in and out, stretching him open.

“Ready?” Devin leaned down, tongue gliding across Chaz’s lips. “Ready for my cock, Chaz?”

“Fuck. Keep…talking like that…and I’ll come…”

Devin’s chuckle didn’t help matters. That deep, throaty laugh rolled right through Chaz like a drug. Then Devin was filling him, splitting him wide open.

“Gonna come, gonna come…” Chaz chanted breathlessly.

“Not yet.” Devin wrapped his fingers around the base of Chaz’s prick and squeezed.

The thrusts got stronger, deeper, Devin’s hips slamming against Chaz’s ass. Chaz braced himself, hands above his head and pressing on the armrest, and met every one of Devin’s hard thrusts.


Devin’s mouth covered his suddenly, the man’s tongue tangling with his own. Chaz was close, so fucking close.

“Now.” Devin lifted his head and stared down at Chaz. He let go of Chaz’s cock and Chaz took over, jerking himself off with quick strokes.

Pleasure boiled deep in his gut and with one strong thrust from Devin, Chaz shouted, back bowing as he shot. Devin was right behind him, mouth crashing down on Chaz’s as the prick inside him pulsed.

“Oh, damn.” Chaz grunted as Devin collapsed on top of him. “That was…fuck.”

Devin nodded, head resting on Chaz’s shoulder. “Hell, yes.”


Chaz didn’t realize he’d even dozed off until he figured out that the warm body beside his wasn’t just a dream. He blinked his eyes open, then looked over to his right. Devin. The insanely hot guy who looked like he walked off the pages of GQ. Jeez.

A quick glance at the clock and Chaz groaned. Nearly seven. Shit. He was gonna be late. He wondered what the protocol was about sneaking out of a guy’s bed. He liked Devin and wanted to see the man again, but the band had a show in three hours and Chaz had to get to rehearsal. He got half-way out of the bed when fingers stroked along his spine.


“Sorry. You were asleep, and I didn’t want to wake you up. I gotta get to practice. We’ve got a gig tonight.”

Devin’s hand caught Chaz’s and Devin pulled. Chaz lay back and grinned up when Devin leaned over him. “Where?”

“Diesel, ten o’clock.”

“You out to your band?”


Devin smiled and kissed Chaz, slow and deep. “Good. I’ll be there.”

“You will?” Chaz blinked. Devin didn’t look like he owned anything but suits and khakis. “You do realize it’s a goth bar, right?”

Devin laughed. “Yes, I do. Why? You don’t think I can fit in?”

Chaz snorted. “Honestly? Not a chance, man.”

The smirk Devin gave him made Chaz wonder just how far off the mark he was with this guy. “Everyone’s full of surprises.” Devin winked. “Go. I’ll see you tonight.”

Chaz slipped a hand through Devin’s hair and tugged, bringing their mouths together for one more kiss. “Deal.”

Once Devin finally let him up, Chaz dressed and left, hurrying back home. He still needed a shower and figure out what the hell he was going to wear for the gig.

“Leather? Vinyl? No, too damn hot,” he mumbled, taking the stairs two at a time up to his apartment. He mulled it over and unlocked the door, nearly tripping over a bunch of cables.

He tossed his keys onto the cluttered bar and stripped on the way down the hall. Shower, shave, clothes. Soon as the water was hot, Chaz got in and washed quickly. When done, he shaved, then splashed on some aftershave. It was probably the fastest clean-up he’d ever done, but then, it’d been a long time since he spent the night with guy, too. Towel around his waist, Chaz went into the bedroom and rummaged in the closet.

“Oh, fuck it.”

He grabbed his black vinyl pants out of the closet, found one of his red fishnet shirts, and tossed both onto the bed. His skull belt was another story. That he found after several minutes of digging in the mountain of clothes and parts of an old drum kit in his walk-in closet. It took less than five minutes to get dressed, then he grabbed a soda out of the fridge before heading back out.

It was almost eight by the time he got to the rehearsal place. Drumsticks in hand, he ran to the small flat in the warehouse, the sounds filtering out confirming what he already knew: he was late.

“Well, it’s about damn time,” Ben, their lead singer, said when Chaz walked in.

“Yeah, yeah.” Chaz set his drink on Mitch’s bass amp before settling on his drum stool. Their guitarist Kurt just shook his head. “What?”

They all laughed. and Ben rolled his eyes. “Whatever, whoever you did, we don’t wanna know, man.”

Chaz flipped him off. “Let’s get this thing going.”


The bar was packed by the time Chaz and his band arrived. They pulled the van up in back and got everything unloaded and set up by 9:30. Chaz sat down to make adjustments when someone off to the side of the stage cleared their throat. He looked up and his jaw promptly dropped.

“Told you.” Devin leaned against the wall, arms crossed over a black button-down shirt. Black leather pants hugged the man’s body from the waist down, and black combat boots finished off the outfit. When he grinned, light glinted off something metallic in his mouth.

Chaz recovered somewhat and stood. “Holy shit…” He walked over and sat on the edge of the stage, not bothering to suppress the groan when Devin stood between his legs and pressed close. “You look-”

He moaned into Devin’s mouth, the kiss surprising him. Only then did he realize what he’d seen. The barbell caressed Chaz’s tongue and he shuddered. He licked his lips when Devin pulled back.

“You didn’t have that earlier.”

“Actually, I’ve had it for nearly twelve years,” Devin laughed. “I take it out for work.”

“Oh.” Chaz draped his arms around Devin’s neck and dove back in for another kiss, thighs spreading when Devin’s hand slipped between them. “Devin…”

“Hm?” Devin hummed, fingers dipping low to stroke just beneath Devin’s balls.

“Oh, fuck. I am so not gonna try playing with a hard-on.”

“Guess we need to fix that, huh?” Devin tugged him off the stage and took Chaz’s hand, leading him toward the back.

“How do you know where you’re going?”

Devin flashed him a grin over one shoulder. “My brother owns Diesel.”

Chaz blinked. “Oh…”

When they reached the backstage area, Devin pushed Chaz into a dark corner and kissed him hard. One hand cupped the back of Chaz’s head while the other pulled his cock out. Chaz moaned and his hips jerked, thrusting his cock through Devin’s fist.

“That’s it…” Devin purred, pumping slow. “Come on, Chaz.”

Chaz held onto Devin’s shoulders and kissed the man senseless, fucking his hand. “Devin. Oh, fuck…” He gasped when Devin’s thumb grazed the slit. “Yes…” Head falling back, Chaz bit down on his lip to keep from shouting as spunk spilled over Devin’s fingers.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Devin kissed his neck, then up to Chaz’s mouth. “There’s more where that came from… after the show.”

“Fuck yes.”

“Time to get out there and do your thing.” Devin released him, drawing a last shudder out of Chaz. Chaz watched, half-drugged from orgasm, as Devin licked the semen off his fingers. “Show time.”

Somehow, Chaz got his brain functioning enough to tuck himself back into his pants. Devin rubbed against him, nipping Chaz’s neck. “Devin. Man, you aren’t making it easy. Oh, fuck…” Chaz’s eyes rolled back and he pushed a leg between Devin’s thighs, giving the man something to grind on.

“Chaz…” Devin whispered, voice rough.

Chaz grabbed Devin’s ass and tugged him closer, pressing his knee harder into Devin’s crotch. “Wanna fuck you so bad.”

Devin grunted, body shaking. Chaz felt the hard cock throb on his thigh and couldn’t help but grin. The prospect of fucking Devin through the nearest surface had him hard again, but they were running out of time.

“After,” he promised, lips to Devin’s ear. “I am so fucking your ass after this.”

“You got it.”


“Shit.” Chaz chuckled when Devin jumped at Mitch’s voice. “Just our bass player. Gotta go, babe.”


He wondered what Devin would say, but the man just kissed him one more time.

“I’ll be watching,” Devin said. “And waiting.”

(c) 2009 Mychael Black