Sneak Peek: Ghost Hunting

Here's a sneak peek of Ghost Hunting, my contribution to Christmas Spirits (the multi-author series coming soon from Changeling Press)! *** “Look, I’m just saying that maybe a little more… drama is what we need. Just a little -- “ Caleb Ryan threw his hands up, exasperated. “I might say I feel something when I… Continue reading Sneak Peek: Ghost Hunting


New release: Glamour (Fae-ry Tales 3)

Glamour (Fae-ry Tales 3) Prince Erilan is expected to do many things within Light Fae society. He is Captain of the Queen’s Guard, Queen Ivena’s advisor, and heir to the Light Fae throne. He’s always performed his duties -- royal and familial -- with unflinching loyalty. When he meets a Dark Fae scout, however, Erilan’s… Continue reading New release: Glamour (Fae-ry Tales 3)

New Release: Hidden (Fragile Web 1)

Five years after Firestarter disbanded, newly-turned vampire Michael Grant is looking for a new band, preferably one in which he can play bass and not guitar for a change. He finds exactly what he wants in the local gothic metal band, Fragile Web. The group blows him away, but none of them more than the… Continue reading New Release: Hidden (Fragile Web 1)