First Chapter: Fragile Web 1: Hidden

Fragile Web is a new series with Changeling Press. It's a (yet another) spin-off from my first books with them: Blood & Fire. This time, though, the series is for Michael Grant, Jason Summerfield's best friend and ex-guitarist for Firestarter. Book 1 (Hidden) is due out this spring/summer. You can find the rest of the… Continue reading First Chapter: Fragile Web 1: Hidden


First Chapter Series

I'm going to start a new post series on the blog. Every week, I'll share the FULL first chapter of a book. It may be an older one, an upcoming release, or something I'm currently writing. (Sorry, OOP -- out of print -- books won't get the treatment until I know where they'll wind up.)… Continue reading First Chapter Series

Why I write

Like most communities, the LGBTQ romance community has its fair share of drama. We like to say we're close-knit, inclusive, open-minded. We don't always follow that particular moral compass, though. Lately, there have been several instances of catfishing in which authors have been deceitful, leading readers and fellow authors into believing what turned out to… Continue reading Why I write

Sneak Peek: Fae-ry Tales 2: Broken Spell

A peek at book 2 in the Fae-ry Tales series. You can get book 1 - Firewalk with Me - at Changeling Press! *** Micah Norwood wandered into the adjacent sitting room, half asleep. He paused in the doorway. Kirof still slept in one of the chairs. Micah had tried getting the man to share… Continue reading Sneak Peek: Fae-ry Tales 2: Broken Spell