New Release: Hidden (Fragile Web 1)

Five years after Firestarter disbanded, newly-turned vampire Michael Grant is looking for a new band, preferably one in which he can play bass and not guitar for a change. He finds exactly what he wants in the local gothic metal band, Fragile Web. The group blows him away, but none of them more than the guitarist, Scott Nixon. Michael has never been with another man, but Scott captures his attention from the first moment they meet.

Scott Nixon has been a mortal donor for Michael’s sire, the vampires Abigail, for years. He’s perfectly happy to supply blood to her vampiric offspring. It pays well, and the perks are awesome. Finding out he gets to feed the insanely hot bassist who just joined his band, however, is definitely the icing on the cake.

The attraction between Scott and Michael is immediate and intense, but when his ex-girlfriend shows up at his door, Michael soon has his hands full with far more than a new lover and band. Now he has to figure out how to juggle everything without losing his mind.

Available now at Changeling Press!


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