Sneak Peek: Fragile Web 1: Hidden

Michael unlocked his door and stood to the side, letting Scott enter first. A part of him was nervous as hell, but another part just wanted to get his hands all over Scott. He’d never met a guy who honestly turned him on, though he’d never specifically stated he would turn a guy down. But… well, the chance hadn’t ever presented itself, until now. He shut and locked the door before tossing his keys on the bar separating the kitchen from the rest of the loft.

“Wow…” Scott looked around at all the books and music-related stuff Michael had acquired over the years.

“Yeah,” Michael said with a laugh. “Some of this is Jason’s. He kept it here after a bad breakup, before he met Julian.”

Scott wandered over to the bookshelf and chuckled. “Sci-fi fan?”

“A bit.” Michael went into the kitchen, wondering if he even had anything to offer Scott to drink. He opened the fridge and grinned. “Want a drink? I’ve got Pepsi, beer, water.”


For a mortal, Scott could move fast and quiet. He startled Michael, arms snaking around Michael’s waist. A soft kiss pressed to the bend of Michael’s neck. Michael tipped his head, giving Scott more room to do whatever the man wanted to do.

“Have you ever had a personal donor?” Scott murmured near Michael’s ear. “One you fed regularly, to keep them bound to you?”

“No.” Michael swallowed as the thought of doing just that with Scott entered his mind. Could he even do so when Scott was already one of Abby’s donors?

Scott turned him around, the fridge closing in the process. Michael could only moan as Scott’s tongue pushed into his mouth, slow and sensual and utterly addictive. Michael had kissed many, many women, but none of them compared even the slightest to Scott. Hands slipped down and between them, popping the button on Michael’s jeans before lowering the zipper.

“Can I suck you?” Scott whispered on Michael’s kiss-swollen lips.

Michael nodded, unable to form words at all. He braced himself against the fridge door and watched Scott sink to the floor, Michael’s jeans following. When Michael’s cock sprang free of his boxers, Scott wrapped his fist around the base and swirled his tongue around the head. Michael gripped the man’s long hair, moaning as Scott sucked him slowly to the root.

Michael looked down, mesmerized. Seeing a man sucking his cock just made the lust surge higher, far more than any woman ever had. Maybe he was gay and simply hadn’t figured it out? It didn’t matter, not when Scott made Michael feel like his knees would give out within the next few seconds.

Scott’s tongue bathed the underside, gliding up and down the shaft as he bobbed on it. Those lips held Michael tight, and then Scott went back down, swallowing. Michael felt his cockhead bump the back of Scott’s throat, and he couldn’t have stopped the orgasm if he’d wanted to.

“Coming,” he gasped.

Scott didn’t move, and Michael had no choice but to shoot his load down the man’s waiting throat. Michael groaned as Scott sucked every last drop, then looked up with desperate eyes. Michael had enough sense left to tug Scott up and kiss him hard, one hand fighting with Scott’s jeans. As soon as they were open, Michael tugged Scott’s cock out and began pumping it.

Moaning against Michael’s mouth, Scott thrust in and out of Michael’s fist, panting and whispering for more. Michael twisted his hand a little, pressed his thumb into the slit, just how he liked it. Scott shouted, hips jerking as thick semen spurted over Michael’s fingers.

“Jesus,” Michael murmured, out of breath, his own cock threatening to get hard again already.

Scott slumped against him, head resting on Michael’s shoulder. “Agreed.”


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